Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Take home the gold...

With your mad cheering skills. Beijing is leaving no loose ends when it comes to the Olympics. They have created an official cheer for the 2008 Summer Games. Apparently they dont want any unruly cheer-bots out there going bonkers. According to the BBC "A committee official said the simple chants and gestures were designed to help spectators cheer for their favourite athletes in a smooth, civilized manner."

It goes as follows (everyone together now!)

1.Clap two times while chanting "Olympics!"
2. Hands in fists with thumbs up, arms extended upward while chanting "Let's Go!"
3. Clap two times while chanting "China"
4. Raise hands up and punch the air while chanting "Let's Go!"

Anyone seen deviating from this cheer will be banned from the country. Ok not really. But I know what you're thinking "what if I wanna say "USA" in place of China? What are they going to do ??" Good news. The phrase "China" can be replaced with your own personal expression, say "Go Phelps!" or "Stick IT!".

I will personally be cheering "We're from America couldn;t be prouder! Stand up and Shout! And Shout a little LOUDER!!!" ( this will take place in our living room starting 8-8-08)


Lisa said...

Thanks for keeping me informed! I'll need to practice a lot to get it down! maybe the new cheer will be a good thing to bust out on my runs for some upper body work!
What runs? Shut up!

Janalu said...

I will be saying " My name is America and I know what I got! I got a gymnast that's hotter than hot!"