Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fiddling with Photoshop

I've been gradually tinkering with Photoshop. Here a few pictures that I have edited. Let me know what you think.

Booker T. Rabbit

The tiniest of tiny grasshoppers. He was hanging out on our porch.

Clouds at East Canyon

Now looking at them, I think the grasshopper got a bit neon. Let's just say he loved the early 90's and I sent him back there.

(Click on photos for full size images)


Janalu said...

Booker looks scary in black and shite. Like she might attack. I love the neon grasshopper. He looks so cute. Like he wouldn't even spit on you if you picked him up.

Lisa said...

Look at you, picking up new skills!!! I'd love to take a photoshop class. I know that I've barely scratched the surface with what you can do with it.