Monday, July 14, 2008

Give Life ! Give Blood!

I stumbled across Serenity's blog. She is a little girl who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. Her mom and dad blog about their experiences. It is unreal the things that they are dealing with. I can't believe such a little person has to deal with such a terrible disease.They are such a brave family. They have create The Serenity Foundation to help their dughter and hopefully, other kids with cancer.

They are holding a blood drive July 30th from 3-8pm in Draper. ARUP Blood Services is hosting an on-site blood drive at:
Twelve Horses
13961 Minuteman Dr. Suite 125
Draper UT

I'm really going to try hard to go. The last time I gave blood was in High School. I figure I'm about due. According to ARUP only 4% of eligible donors actually give blood. That means there is 96% of the population who could donate but don't.

If you are unable to go to this blood drive visit The Salt Lake Chapter of the American Red Cross. You can donate through them anytime.

Brave the needle ! Give Blood! Give Life!!


Janalu said...

The fundriaser that I was a part of raised 487,000 in just one month!

Anonymous said...

That is a very worthwhile thing to do. I myself give blood as often as I can and am eligible for the 3 gallon pin!! It really doesnt hurt and my blood fills the bag in nothing flat! Just do it! MOM

Anonymous said...

Yes give Blood! I am a member of the 3 gallon club!It is easy sometimes. My blood goes out fast so it is not time conuming AND a pint of blood waighs 1 pound SOOO..after giving blood you weigh 1 pound LESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAW-WEEET

Hair Goddess said...

Listen my blood is no good ...
Turns out I have the mad cow