Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm so excited ! I'm so excited!

Turns out that there isn't a whole lot on tv at 6:05 am. When I get to the gym I have a sure fire set up for entertainment. I strategically choose my elliptical machine based on tv availability. I need two. Sorry. I'm greedy.

I set one to the news and the other to TBS, yeah thats right, The Broadcasting Superstation. Why you ask ? Zach Morris, thats why. Yes my friends, Saved by The Bell is on from 6-7 am. It's fabulous. Not only am I entertained by the kids' whacky high school shenanigans, but you learn valuable life lessons. Like, weed isn't cool and apparently neither is pre-marital sex.

I also read today on D-Listed that Dustin Diamond AKA Publicity Whore Numero Uno AKA Screech is writing a tell all book titled "Behind the Bell". I will most definitely be purchasing this bestseller!

In the mean time, I can enjoy this:

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