Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Search Surprises

I love Etsy. If you want something quirky and original there is no better place to get it. Occasionally I'll just browse through the listings but most often I use the search tool.

Today I typed in "bunny" and this is one of the results.

Not what I expected. But made for a really great laugh. She has had 53 sales so she must have found her target audience!


Just Kate said...

Uh..I don't really know how to respond to you except for here! haha I find out in hopefully a month if it's a boy or girl. And I hope you're feelings are right--I need a girl!!

Janalu said...

Uh I didn't see anything that says NWT, so does that mean it's used? I think this lady needs an update on what hand made is. One time I did run across this lady who makes cooking aprons with big dongs on the fron of them. I almost bought one for you.