Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weekend Re-cap and misceallaneous babbling.....

-The 4th was lots of fun. We went to a BBQ at our friends house. I made friends with a baby. She is 6 weeks old. We had a good time, I was dishing the hot goss to her about all the people in attendance. I'm sure we will be life long friends. She also like Stu.

-Saturday and Sunday we went to the cabby. It was fun. We brought Booker. She loved being outside. Stu's little cousins wanted to hold her, feed her, pet her, walk her, etc. They were over about every 10 minutes to see how she was doing.

-I want a fancy camera. Real professional like. I've got my heart set on the Nikon D80 SLR digital camera. Now could someone just give me say $900? Anyone ? No. Ok. Guess I'll start saving up.

- I've been going to the gym every morning at 6. Turns out even when you do 500 calories of cardio eating an ice cream sandwich for lunch really negates any benefits of said exercise. So I feel like I'm punishing myself.

-I'm 100 percent sure I worked at least half the day yesterday with a hole in the ass of my pants. Classy.

Well thats pretty much it. Tonight we are going to a Bee's game with T'ann and Tyler. There are usually some colorful people in attendance. I'm sure I'll have a full report.


Janalu said...

I'm pretty sure I barley worked a half a day yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Nice air conditioning trick for summer there gal. Hey Stu looks pretty comfy with that child. Watch it,Stu. Go get another GranBunny for me.