Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatchoo Gonna Dooo...

I can't go anywhere without the man getting me down ! Sunday we went boating with some friends at Jordanelle. An hour into our wake boarding extravaganza the po po show up. We weren't doing anything wrong, I'm pretty sure they just wanted to check our sweet skills. And Nedley's sweet boat. So turns we didn't have enought life jackets, and the boat apparently was not registered. (Guess we were breakin the law. Well, I wasn;t breakin the law, but some one was) So they tell us we had better head back to the marina. Sweet. Let's do that. It's not like PArley's canyon was closed and we had to drive 70 miles out of the way and go through Provo. We'll just cruise on back then.
Well, turns out we just aimed for the dock and took turns wake boarding back. Good times.

The highlight of our day was the dead rat floating in the water.


Hair Goddess said...

Uh what, a dead rat in the water? I might have just thrown up in my mouth a little

Lisa said...

What is it with you and freaky night-marish pics???

Have a fun time in WA!