Thursday, September 11, 2008

the face of death

looked like a weathered lizard.

The other day I got out of my car to pump some gas. As I swiped my card I notice the lady on the other side of the pump, also gassing up her card, was smoking a cigarette. I said " You really shouldn't be smoking while pumping gas." Just a tip.

She gives me the stink eye and says in her frog voice "What? You're one of those anti-smoking types eh?"

I replied "No. I'm more like one of those anti-exploding types."

The stink eye intensified. Then she tossed her cig butt into the trash can. don;t worry. She didn't put it out so I sure a trash can was blazing a little while later.


Janalu said...

listen Jess. It's a myth that gas is flamable ok. And even a bigger myth that cig buts start fires. I mean come on just be cool. Light one up.

Anonymous said...

you really shouldnt talk that way about your mother.An its the gypsy curse evil eye anyway