Friday, October 24, 2008

Battling the Muffin Top.....

Ugh. Here come the Holidays just waltzing in here with their candy, and their treats and their delicious wonderful food. Who the hell do they think they are !!!
I''m tryin not to gain eleventy billion pounds!

The other day I realized that I have been chowin down on the Halloween candy around the office and decided I needed to take immeadiate action. The plan: don;t eat candy at work. Seems simple enough. I made it through Tuesday without a single piece of candy. Then I realized how pathetic I was to be excited that I didn't eat candy for ONE WHOLE DAY! WOW ! Thats about as amazing as not getting arrested for ONE WHOLE DAY. Pretty ground breaking.

Shooooooooooot. So the current plan is to keep going to the gym and keep off the candy. Today was a bad day. I had 5 blue M&M's for before I even left the house. As I'm writing this I realized I just at a mini Butterfinger. Shut up. IT WAS MINI!!!!!!!


Lisa said...

I feel your pain...truly.

Janalu said...

we can't all look as good naked as Rooty does right!